Monday, April 14, 2014

"Vinothek" is a jolly good word

If the greatness of humanity resides in our "unique" ability to think, to adapt diverse environments to our uses and our needs... (An ontological assertion of capitalism)
Yet the observer can never be impartial, "we" being the observer. Neither can the actor, the agent, the Subject, "I"... "I" being the one Self who thinks and acts... Fragments of one-another, twofold, perhaps distorted...
Taking into account the sempiternality of shifting environmental factors, agents, vectors, components, whatever the fuck you want to call them...
Are humans capable of a deep enough understanding of our varied environments and their interconnections to be able to make decisions regarding what we should be adapting to and what we should be adapting to us?
Can we think clearly enough? Are we a healthy species? Can we as people even take a moral or ethical standpoint about the species? Can we change, be changed, change ourselves? Can we even consider ourselves all the same? Equal and free? What entitles us to this, or do we even need entitlement? Do we have the power in ourselves, united to dismantle the machinery of our lives and refuse to be manipulated?
Epistemology is meaningless when everything begs a question. Sometimes, we are meaningless beneath the weight of our own questioning.

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