Saturday, August 10, 2013

marxism reveals itself in the beyond:"

Decades late, news media comes to a greater understanding of Marxism. Treating R&D as an investment, like machinery, rather than as an expense not only agglomerates the territory of capital but enters into a now-uttered symbolic relationship with precepts of the behavior of modern capital. Thus the manner in which capital utilizes resources and resource potential, in terms of technology and communications (a tactic already observable in the American system of higher education, in terms of business programs and budgeting) identifies these fields with fixed capital, an elementary building block of the system of capitalism in leftist thought.

 ps. obama in the process - advertising on youtube - of redefining what is the "middle class" to begin the process of accumstomizing "civilians" to a new level of development, income, and expectation, trusting in the instinct of habituation.