Sunday, December 25, 2011

some things about cameras...

an image or video recording may or may not tell the truth, which is a secret sealed in bodies.
similarly, there are physical and psychological complications to authoritative perspective, which is an exercise in power.
a camera is more than a use-value; it is a symbol that transforms what is around it, reducing it to a single dimension, but it is also the messenger at his trickiest. the privileged one who wields the camera is in control of the message, the characters, and to some degree the audience.
new media technology is a social trigger that elicits reactionary performance. an authentic filmmaker joins in with those around her or him to establish agent-subject relationships.
image tends to drift toward the exploitative because of the historical socio-economic relationships. means informs perspective. similarly, perspective may or may not conceal means.
a documentary with integrity will show the experience of the film-making process, with complete cast of characters, rather than a short history of subject/object relationships.
in this sense, image might brim with humanity rather than stifle and streamline it.
film is not democratic, it is only despotic or anarchic.
sometimes, it is the jester.