Wednesday, December 18, 2013

streams of streams

j'aime une flic. sapientia is beguiling; we assume, for instance, the myth of coffee and cigarette. we merely repeat. the record ain't broken, it just grew wings and flew away. yes, i see her, she's right in front of me - this not in the metaphorical or idealistic sense but regarding questions of sensation, you must surmise. her directness is a gun. once i saw her rack the slide of a shotgun back and aim it at the wall. i felt a rush like blood. i realized, narrative the cloak fell crumpled around my ankles, then i was naked, i realized. my hair continued to grow, my fingernails and what's left of my toes. it grew all over me in soft vines. there was a strange reasoning on the wind, words wanted to follow words of their own genus, something continued that i wanted to resist, or resisted by impulse. how does this follow? it doesn't. go the other way.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

here's a strange and bitter crop & the uncanny valley

so space and time are interwoven, they're not a duality but for the sake of conversation they sure are.
which, into each part we can take a symbolic dive in a theatre of imagination; we inhabit a dichotomy paradox of ourselves. listen - herein lies the practical problematic of group consensus (it quickly a rubick's cube becoming)... fractal spectacular divisions and diversions in unity. it's an issue of resolving (accepting) an infinitely recurring tendency of premises, the voices involved either:
accept premise(s), reject conclusion
reject premise(s), accept conclusion
accept premise(s) & conclusion
reject premise(s) & conclusion
with each of these being infinitely reducible/expandable - try to imagine a simple difference of height, with the implication of an endless degree of relative angular variation, or "perspective". see how words do it just by making themselves understandable.
analysis aside, we just repeat patterns in nature.
for instance, right now i'm in orbit.