Tuesday, September 25, 2012

unearthing governing laws of applied capital

"... today the majority of Haitian organizations function in the form of community development projects. That is, they take a social problem (be it political, economic, or cultural) out of its local realities and turn it into a situational problem for foreign actors to solve. Using their intellectual capacity, they create a project to execute with foreign capitalist funding." (Tectonic Shifts, 70)

this reflects the apologetic maneuvers of the international bourgeoisie to compensate for the locally disintegrative effects of global capital, which will make units of people or else violently enforce exclusivity from the dominant mode of production. "development" in this sense is an historical narrative of absolute polarization, the concrete realization of the internal contradictions of capital and the relations it recreates ad nauseum. it is a testament to human perseverance that we are not yet engulfed in the post-revolutionary vomitorium of deflated arrogance and the ballistic phallus of pride, which seeks some unattainable absolute elasticity of the periphery. they are yet a consciousness coming.