Monday, March 31, 2014

Scissoring Scientists, what an artifice!

"Cosmos: a complex and orderly system, such as our universe; the opposite of chaos." (Counterbalance)

The cosmic and the chaotic may not exist severed from one-another as in the cisions of language and representation. References to "our" universe as complex and orderly contain not only the assumption upon which science elaborates itself (that all is knowable and will be known - the heights of intellectual utopianism) but also the ego of the "scientific observer". Though the structure of science may posit itself as that authority which seeks to reveal the universal-mathematical principles governing all (its own claim to truth), this position is deeply flawed, as it fails to take into account the forces of chaos present in the universe - the same universe it idealizes as a clockwork organism. The truth of the matter (and the anti-matter) is that not everything is observable, nor do science and its acolytes have the proper tools, physical and psychical, to apprehend all that is out there as well as within, intertwined, simultaneous, cosmic and chaotic.

Three Quotes

"Only with the advent of capitalism did development become a global and universal principle, subsuming and reshaping every form of life in its territorial and economic expansion." (Haider & Mohandesi, Jacobin)

"An animal’s nervous system does not have to compute or represent exact positions and speeds for its legs before initiating an action, but can rely on the fact that the physics of the swinging leg can provide the sensory feedback needed to make small motor corrections on the fly." (Allen, Footnote)

"But people aren't like gas particles or biological billiard balls. We evolved behavioral flexibility and complex interdependent variable reactions." (Bhalla, Scientific American)