Friday, October 8, 2010

'instead of concrete jungle'

like idea, you may not notice, but this is discoverable by other means, by another being. we may not grow in this place, but that place; we may become this, or that, or something else entirely. each contains a vision, the germ of realization, which is possibility. our relation to the world is established by the process of election, of systemic choice - this is the science of subjectivity, wherein consciousness facilitates the measurement, considered astrologically as libra. balance is not exactly stillness, however, but an integration, a harmonious movement with.

excess is material disunity and what is not in harmony is conflicted, antagonistic. alienation insulates; knowledge is culturally relocated from the human mind, relativism legitimates the illegitimate. our lives are being lived in machines.

this is no exception. what is our epistemological source?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

the next communist leader will have alopecia!

'every society has the criminals it deserves.'

'in theory, ground rent and profit of capital are deductions suffered by wages. in actual fact, however, wages are a deduction which land and capital allow to go to the worker, a concession from the product of labor to the workers, to labor.'