Wednesday, December 18, 2013

streams of streams

j'aime une flic. sapientia is beguiling; we assume, for instance, the myth of coffee and cigarette. we merely repeat. the record ain't broken, it just grew wings and flew away. yes, i see her, she's right in front of me - this not in the metaphorical or idealistic sense but regarding questions of sensation, you must surmise. her directness is a gun. once i saw her rack the slide of a shotgun back and aim it at the wall. i felt a rush like blood. i realized, narrative the cloak fell crumpled around my ankles, then i was naked, i realized. my hair continued to grow, my fingernails and what's left of my toes. it grew all over me in soft vines. there was a strange reasoning on the wind, words wanted to follow words of their own genus, something continued that i wanted to resist, or resisted by impulse. how does this follow? it doesn't. go the other way.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

here's a strange and bitter crop & the uncanny valley

so space and time are interwoven, they're not a duality but for the sake of conversation they sure are.
which, into each part we can take a symbolic dive in a theatre of imagination; we inhabit a dichotomy paradox of ourselves. listen - herein lies the practical problematic of group consensus (it quickly a rubick's cube becoming)... fractal spectacular divisions and diversions in unity. it's an issue of resolving (accepting) an infinitely recurring tendency of premises, the voices involved either:
accept premise(s), reject conclusion
reject premise(s), accept conclusion
accept premise(s) & conclusion
reject premise(s) & conclusion
with each of these being infinitely reducible/expandable - try to imagine a simple difference of height, with the implication of an endless degree of relative angular variation, or "perspective". see how words do it just by making themselves understandable.
analysis aside, we just repeat patterns in nature.
for instance, right now i'm in orbit.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

if you can read this, capitalism, if you can understand this, flip a coin

“Is there another preliminary to the elaboration of play between forms-of-life, to communism?” (This Is Not a Program, 51)

Even the production of living knowledge is contained and managed within the system of capitalist relations, the capitalorganism desiring only to reproduce itself ad infinitum. In the production of its own desire as well as sustenance it devours spatial and temporal autonomy in the forms-of-life, limits and composes, concretely and dramatically, their behaviors, inter- and even intra-actions: that which exists will have no function other than that of auto-reiteration within frameworks it is coerced into. Our consent and self-application within this system of relationships only serves the interests of alienation, manipulation, and exploitation. Acceptance of this constructed reality is the preliminary movement toward a revolution of and for the commons. The recollaboration upon the commons is concretely and decisively celebrated in the actions of individuals and groups, who choose to engage in the world differently, collectively. The collectivity is not a parliament, nor is it a shareholders’ meeting; rather it is an intentional space in which people choose to discuss the production of life, and each voice is given equal weight. These creative dynamics are integral in the struggle against authoritarian capitalism.

There is everywhere a crisis of representation, which is also a crisis of participation - it is almost a Pavlovian crisis, because we condition ourselves to it even as it occurs. The failure to act is rooted in an epistemological uncertainty, a loss of faith in ourselves, so to speak, because what has been given to us is not quite what was promised, like a serious game getting out of hand. Yet it remains unquestionably ours, being here and doing it as we tend to do, perhaps waiting just for someone else to start doing something. We forget that this is nothing but us, and consequently we are nothing but it, and it reflects our image in grotesque, necrotic characteristics, outlandish juxtapositions, fearful proportions. It is a dream of ourselves which upon us exerts maniacal control. Selling our labor, we sell our minds and our bodies, our lives themselves, employed in the project of our own negation.

Consumption is a complexity, a web of equations both nurtured and whipped by other equations. Primitive accumulation, along with all the socio-cultural conditions accompanying this formatting of the distribution of wealth, is the economic inauguration of this event, the beginning of the revolution in the mode of production into which we have deposited our faith, to which we have consented and been made to genuflect.

Play adapts to the diversity of environments in which it is a possibility; this is all environments. As immutable are the laws of mathematicians there are laws which exceed their spectrum of government: universal laws. And the law of the universe is concentrated auto-alteration, which is the constant, transformation of the relationships between the particulate systems who manifest themselves with such vivacity. Characteristic of these experiential shifts is the yearning for change, the song of the body, who is all bodies, gatherings of substantial, though relative matter into expressive compositions, resembling their creator inaccurately but acutely - that is to say in a manner expressing its own positivity, a reality controvertible only in its capacity for movement: shake and jive, samba, alternating rhythm and primal idiosyncratism.

We are bedecked in the spectacular desire-machine and its self-reproducing eschatology, as surely as babies are somewhere born every minute and less. We become witness to it only when we drop the charade, which seems a frightful monolith in its composure. It it hard to make it fade, a smoker’s blue halo, due to the fundamental conditions in and by which it was produced, capitalism and his phallus-pillars. Yet it flickers. And we may banish it like we’ve forgotten something, can’t quite remember...

Thursday, September 12, 2013

the smoking man, nation of islam &c

i’d have a cigarette, if i’d let myself. not a good sign, for someone who’s quit. i have nothing to say in my defense. no, i’ll write that signs and images tend to repeat themselves, as though they were in possession of a functional consciousness; functional in the sense of boss telling ya what to do, i wouldn’t expect the idea to normatively occur, as some wordimages tend to do, like tiramisu (even if you think of a little girl crying, bagay jamaican)... and i’ve just dished out some racist imagry, a clean filigree on my white rent, selection: paid. the joke has been made before, maybe only by members of the kkk and nazis but i’m sure there are other horrible groups around the world, i just didn’t learn about them yet. yet i bet this is what dad cursed about when he was “doing the taxes”. man, while he was dointackses i was fuckin shooting people in the face. sniping avatars like a ron jeremy cumshot, it almost lays itself out. i think about dark-skinned people punching each-other in the face - i don’t need to mention the motivation - and i remember this racial symbolic that lives inside of me, since i was young, since they started to put it there… sounds like some x-files shit, but plausible deniability is also deniable plausibility, and by the way mulder’s first word as a babe was “jfk”

abstemious is a terrible word for me to try to be like. i figure sein und zeit right? i’ve felt it before, which is redundant, and i’ll feel it again. what is obvious is like what is a police officer, a copshit…it’s what i’ve taken, a copshit. looking oddly familiar, perhaps disrobed. i poked a finger in there and left a dent, asked my own shit why it wanted to be a cop and tried to gather my sense of respect for my own shit when it pretended to have an opinion. i imagined trying to become a cop and start a cop union whose motivating aim as a political organization would be to abolish themselves./ourselves,house elves
“we believe that the offer of integration is hypocritical and is made by those who are trying to deceive the black peoples into believing that their 400-year-old open enemies of freedom, justice and equality are, all of a sudden, their ‘friends’. furthermore, we believe that such deception is intended to prevent black people from realizing that the time in history has arrived for the separation from the whites of this nation. if the white people are truthful about their professed friendship toward the so-called negro, they can prove it by dividing up america with their slaves. we do not believe that america will ever be able to furnish enough jobs for her own millions of unemployed in addition to jobs for the 20,000,000 black people as well.”

mirroring: past is prologue. shakespeare, el padre of the dialectic...or is it la madre?

let’s face the facts: are we or are we not all made out of the same stuff? the firmament of fundament. when i think of humans in outer space, i think: alien. we are just looking for ourselves out there on unmined rock. a little bit of it is the tactile curiosity of the wide-eyed child in fao schwartz. the only reason i can say this is because human are effectively themselves only in our self-referential capabilities; i.e. all our endeavors cannot be unless they are endeavors of ourselves… in abstract, something cannot be unless it is the way it is. this tautology demands a rigorous reevaluation of the concept of “truth”. it is a tautology with a spiked club, big teeth, smoker’s cough, dragunov. some kids call him a bully.
whatever the case we are sensible from time to time beyond our years, relearning the fading information acquired by previous generations in vast quantities at an incredible rate. barely do we scrape together our influential intent enough to navigate our course in a troubled millenium. politics is drunk bowling.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

marxism reveals itself in the beyond:"

Decades late, news media comes to a greater understanding of Marxism. Treating R&D as an investment, like machinery, rather than as an expense not only agglomerates the territory of capital but enters into a now-uttered symbolic relationship with precepts of the behavior of modern capital. Thus the manner in which capital utilizes resources and resource potential, in terms of technology and communications (a tactic already observable in the American system of higher education, in terms of business programs and budgeting) identifies these fields with fixed capital, an elementary building block of the system of capitalism in leftist thought.

 ps. obama in the process - advertising on youtube - of redefining what is the "middle class" to begin the process of accumstomizing "civilians" to a new level of development, income, and expectation, trusting in the instinct of habituation.