Thursday, September 30, 2010

'a rich totality of many determinations and relations'

'with a change in distribution, production undergoes a change; as for example in the case of concentration of capital, of a change in the distribution of population in city and country, etc. finally the demands of consumption also influence production. a mutual interaction takes place between the various elements. such is the case with every organic body.'

we have watched ourselves evolve, turn away from the mythologies of ourselves, become material labour, hands that work together without complaint, a mind that goes in one straight line, if state education did its noble work. individually automated for maximum profit margins - a social security number which is also a check, livelihoods at prey. connected but uncommunicative. there is some malfunction taking place in our reality. we know that it can't all be like this, maudlin.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

radical intersubjectivity & 'contextual bodies'

we might contextualize ourselves through universally participatory democracy.  this is a public endeavor led by the rising generation of political activists, who have the right to what is to come, and teachers, who provide the future with the opportunity for mutual understanding and useful employment.  codetermined, our decisions necessitate, particularly in this digital age, a degree of mutuality.  boundaries must be disagreeable for evolution.  share the consideration, for thy neighbor is thyself.